• a(+1)

    (+1) Suggested tolerance for the
    counter hole (mm)

  • x - y

    Dimensions of the front panel including the frame

  • e - f

    Internal dimensions of the container

  • g

    Useful passage 90°

  • g1

    Useful passage 175°

  • h

    Depth of the inner container

  • h1

    Depth of the inner container 1st drawer

  • h2

    Depth of the inner container 2nd drawer

  • h3

    Depth of the inner container 3rd drawer

  • l

    Total depth of the item from
    the counter front

  • s

    External projection from
    the counter front

  • u

    Useful internal depth

  • u1

    Useful internal depth 1st drawer

  • u2

    Useful internal depth 2nd drawer

  • u3

    Useful internal depth 3rd drawer

  • z

    Total depth of the frame from
    the counter front

  • Measurements in mm

AU5  for separate waste

AU5 for separate waste

containers for separate waste collection

Item Counter hole Capacity External and internal size
a(+1) b(+1) Lt x y e f h l u s
AU55 354 502 23 381 529 291 273 328 323 439 5
AU56 354 638 39,5 381 665 291 273 496 323 576 5
Legend Group 11
geometrie AU5  for separate waste

Others products of the serie A5

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