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Ronda is a leading company for the production
of stainless steel units for equipping bars and
professional catering facilities.

The New A5 Series
with new telescopic guides..

The new A5 Series is the result of the highest level of experience in the professional refrigeration.

Discover the A5 Series

We chose to be

Discover the GN Series

Italian design
in the world of food/beverage

The production of the company has conquered the Italian market and the main European markets, contributing to the diffusion of the typical Italian elegance and style: today around the world when it comes to bar, it comes to Italian Style.

Discover Ronda


A complete range that guarantees maximum practicality, sturdiness and ease of maintenance: from the choice of materials to the engineering of components, the result of laboratory research and accurate resistance testing. A range with all the elegance of Italian style, essential lines and innovative shapes that follow the latest trends in furnishing.

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